31 January 2015

Alpha is available

Alpha test is ended. Follow us to get access to the new versions.


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Unknown said...

Amazing work guys! I completely loved the alpha version so far, it's been such an experience for me, i didn't scream, and just made so many positive comments about a game in a long time, I can't wait to see what's going for the next stage of the game, so far it's been amazing, The coop option is one of my favorite things, I worked with a guy, that was so cool to me, and I did as well tried to help people, just a little feedback; let's try to hightlight the feature of the voice chat, like, putting at the beggining of the game an advice or something... really; working with other guys to find the way out is a whole new level of play to this game I loved it in every inch of it, but let's stop my "not-so short" comment, here comes the screenshot that was called inside the "nominations", i might as well try to achieve the other ones, but so far, keep up the amazing work, and here the proof I've beaten the first nomination http://postimg.org/image/xazl8hogh/

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