Become a prisoner of Citadel

Citadel is a Rogue-Like Survival Horror Game with Multiplayer for Mac and PC (support of consoles may appear later). This is not another shooter, where you can just shoot everywhere you want, however sometimes you can find some weapons here.

Survive at any cost

Every group is selected randomly. It is not easy to understand who is your friend and who is your foe. You can’t check if there is someone else at the same level. Dead character may turn out not to be dead at all. You need to look around and be attentive not to become next victim.

Tackle all obstacles

Every level of Citadel is based on famous thriller scenarios. To win the game, you usually need to reach the exit. However, it is not an easy task. If a prisoner doesn’t tackle the obstacle, he/she is returned to the previous level

Find your calling

Depending on the achievements, a player gets access to different masks that open new opportunities. By completing the most complicated achievements, a player can enter one of the confronting order: Legalists, Servants of Ancients, or Guardians of Memory.

And see the world in a new light

The game doesn’t have a text chat, but it is offered to use a voice 3D chat instead. Then closer players are, then better they hear each other. It is also planned to add the support of popular virtual reality helmets (i.e. Oculus).

All these will allow players to get a new experience of team-play in virtual reality.